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About Us

Welcome to Coastal Composites!

Coastal Composites, your specialized partner in wind turbine blade repair and maintenance, was founded in 2020 by a team of experienced technicians. We rapidly became a trusted name in the wind energy sector, recognized for our expertise, reliability, and efficient blade repair services. Our inception was driven by the increasing demand for skilled blade maintenance, and we embarked on our journey with a commitment to excellence.


As an industry leader today, we are dedicated to enhancing the lifespan and performance of wind turbines with our specialized services. At Coastal Composites, we merge state-of-the-art technology, extensive industry expertise, and a commitment to sustainable energy to deliver solutions that surpass our clients' expectations.

Our distinction is further solidified by our adherence to international standards, as evidenced by our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications, underscoring our dedication to quality, environmental management, and occupational health and safety.

Wind Mills

Our Leadership Team


Kevin Norwood


10 years of experience in composites and blade repair


Erik Haglund


10 years of experience in blade manufacturing and blade repair


Jesse Palmer

Vice President

14 years of experience in the wind industry

About Kevin Norwood

Kevin Norwood, CEO of Coastal Composites, is a knowledgeable professional with over a decade of experience in composites and wind turbine blade technology. A graduate of The Landing School in 2014 with AAS in Marine Technology, he began his career as a blade repair technician.

During his time spent working for Vestas, Norwood specialized in advanced composite repairs, extensive experience in handling large-scale repairs, intricate repairs involving many layers, tip replacements, and pre-preg carbon repairs marked him as a distinguished professional in the industry. He also achieved a significant milestone in his career by obtaining SPRAT certification, enhancing his repertoire as a rope access technician.

In 2020, Norwood decided to leverage his experience and expertise by co-founding Coastal Composites. As the CEO of the company, he brings a hands-on approach to the leadership role, often assisting in the field for large or complex repairs. With hundreds of advanced repairs under his belt, he is a recognized SME in the field of wind turbine blade composites.


Core Values

Coastal Composites' core values are the foundation of our business ethos and guide every aspect of operations. These values reflect who we are, what we stand for, and how we conduct business.









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Our Unique Assets

Our Bronto Skylifts are exceptional mobile elevated work platforms, mounted on trucks for easy transportation to any site. Their remarkable reach and stability are unmatched, allowing our technicians to safely and efficiently access and repair turbine blades at impressive heights. This capability is essential for a variety of tasks, from detailed inspections to complex repairs.

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